Hack a bitcoin wallet

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Hack a bitcoin wallet

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Quantum bitcoin mining

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Top 4 ASIC miners for CryptoNight algorithm



CryptoNight is a proof-of-work hashing algorithm developed to suit a regular PC with CPU-based computing principles. It originates from CryptoNote protocol that requires 2 Mb per instance. A megabyte of internal memory is an almost unacceptable size for a modern ASIC pipeline, so the consensus is meant to be ASIC resistant.

However, some of you may have heard last Bitmain announcement about brand-new Antminer X3 for CryptoNight-based cryptocurrencies such as Monero, Electroneum, Bytecoin, and others, and may want to consider your possible alternatives. There are only four worthy to know.

1. Antminer X3


Hashing algorithm: CryptoNight

Power consumption: 550W

Hashrate: 220 KH/s

Weight: 7 kg

The most advanced ASIC miner for CryptoNight coins on the market. This rig is produced by Bitmain, a Chinese technology company based in Beijing. It is an indisputable leader in hashing power per second while being a monstrous electrical power eater.

However, it’s still in shipping phase and there were no legitimate tests in real life. A high price for this hashrate monster is not surprising.

Official product page: https://shop.bitmain.com/productDetail.htm?pid=000201803162235598599JzqU03h0693

Price: $3,000 USD as for the 3rd batch, batch #1 cost $11,999 USD

2. Baikal Giant N


Hashing algorithm: CryptoNight
Hashrate: 20 KH/s

Hashing algorithm: CryptoNight-lite

Hashrate: 40 KH/s

Power consumption: 60W

Size: 198mm x 125mm x 139 mm

Temperature level: 0-40 °C

Noise level: 55 DB (2×14038)

The final capacities may exceed these numbers with better hashing power results by 5-10%.

Baikal miners are supposedly known to be FPGA (field-programmable gate array, i.e. you can reprogram them for your own purposes) which is probably their key and last advantage after the Bitmain release of Antminer X3. If coin changes its hashing algorithm, your hardware just needs to be customized and you are good to go.

If it’s not reprogrammable than it’s way too much money for that amount of hashing power. Energy effectiveness is better in comparison to PinIdea RR-220, although it cannot be compared to the effectiveness of Antminer. Let’s call it the best and cheap ASIC miner.

Official product page: https://www.baikalminer.com/product12.php

Price: $3,600 USD

3. PinIdea RR-200


Hashing algorithm: CryptoNight
Hashrate: 27 KH/s

Hashing algorithm: CryptoNight-lite

Hashrate: 55 KH/s

Power consumption: 350W

Dimensions: 300mm x 150mm x 180 mm

Temperature level: 0-40 °C

Noise level: 55 DB (2×14038)

Although the cost of power consumption is high, this mining rig produces a better hash rate than Baikal. Another advantage is that resellers offer a fast and immediate delivery with no delays. A possible solution for some mining farms if you need to increase overall hash rate in a short or mid-term.

Official product page: https://shop.pinidea.io/index.php/product/asic-cryptonight-miner-rr-200/

Price: $3,600 in China and around $5,000 on Amazon

For mining calculations, use our profitability calculator for CryptoNote-based coins.

4. DragonMint X1, X2


Meanwhile, another ASIC manufacturer, Halong Mining, has tweeted that they are planning to release their own miner for CryptoNight protocol in April 2018 with a 124 KH/s and 248 KH/s hashing power accordingly.

Weight: 6 kg / 14 kg
Power consumption: 245W / 490W

Official product page:


Price: $1,599 / $3,000 USD

In conclusion

We recommend you to choose equipment with caution because there are always risks associated with ASIC mining like rapid equipment obsolescence, blockchain algorithm changes and of course cryptocurrency market volatility.

Nevertheless, we’re ready to support all technological and hardware upgrades if they’re accepted by the mining community.

MinerGate welcomes all partners in a new era of mining with the rapid development and arms race. We’ll stay in touch with the industry to keep you informed about important crypto mining news and hardware announcements.

The Monero project has issued an official statement on ASIC hardware:

“Furthermore, in order to maintain its goal of decentralization and to provide a deterrent for ASIC development and to protect against unknown or undetectable ASIC development, the Monero team proposes modifying the Cryptonight PoW hash every scheduled fork, twice a year. The modifications will be light, and should not change performance profiles much. The first change is now being tested, and will happen in the coming March fork. Finally, we will continue to research alternative Proof of Work functions that may provide better ASIC resistance than Cryptonight.”

Source: https://getmonero.org/2018/02/11/PoW-change-and-key-reuse.html


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